OpenSim Life – Sunday Night Adventure 2/11/18

HG Address: Oasis

OpenSim.Life has been a dream partnership for Inspiration Island and A2Z Smart Group.  We moved over to OpenSim.Life about five months ago, and what we have been able to accomplish has really just blown my mind.  For those of you that know me, you know I work a lot of hours, but my perseverance is not the reason for our progress…the reason is grid owner, Bill Blight.

Bill is a “hands-on” grid owner and your happiness is important to him. Whether it is creating your sim land to look like your logo, replacing bum scripts that eat up your resources or  fixing your clothing when you have yourself all out of whack, he is happy to lend a hand.  One of the first grid owners to adopt OpenSimulator .9x and fully embrace ubODE physics, your experience with moving vehicles and much more, is like nothing I have ever seen in a virtual world.  Bill proved this to us with our last Inspiration Island Sunday Event field trip outing with racing boats and hang gliders.

We put a challenge to Bill and asked him how he was going to top last month’s adventure, and folks, let me tell you I think he has done it.  Sunday night at 5pm Pacific we will convene on the Desert Oasis for a gaming adventure.  First, you get to drive super cool dune buggies that are fun just by themselves, but Bill has added an extra element to spice up the evening.  There are coins randomly spread throughout the desert.  Each player will have the goal of collecting more coins than the others — while the score is kept electronically through the Game Score Board.  Each coin is worth a random amount and can only be played once.  When a coin is collected another is randomly thrown out into the desert…to keep the game going as long as desired.

This will be the first game of this new gaming system so we are going to put a label of Beta on it and ask you to come join in the fun and help us break it!  That’s right, help us find the bugs..if there are any, and of course see if you can find more coins than anyone else.

To get there you can go to Inspiration Island and use the teleport board or hypergrid directly to the right location:


DATE:  Sunday, 2/11/18

TIME:  5:00pm Pacific

LIMO: Oasis

We do something fun every Friday night at 7pm and Sunday night at 5pm over on Inspiration Island.  Our address is Island.  See you there!
XOXOXO – SingerGirl – Evie Marie


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