Classic movie review: An Affair To Remember

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I’ve heard that they don’t make things like they used to. As I get older I tend to agree. I love all forms of entertainment, movies especially, trigger my imagination. Last Sunday we had a chance to watch An Affair to Remember( 1957) starring Cary Grant (Nickie Ferrante ) and Deborah Kerr (Terry McKay)

If you haven’t seen the movie, I’m not going to ruin it for you, but I would highly recommend that you find it and enjoy it. The movie revolves around two people who meet while on a ship from Europe to New York. Almost immediate attraction is obvious but they tell each other there is someone else. Terry McKay played By Deborah Kerr plays hard to get and tries desperately not fall in love, but by the time the ship makes it to shore, they are both completely in love and miserable because someone else is waiting for them at home.

This movie is all about the anticipation of love and the pure exhilaration of courting someone and knowing that the world will never be the same again. There’s almost no physical romance in this one, because of the time in which it was made. Kisses are shot in such a way that you know they’re happening, but you may only see the bottom halves of their bodies with their faces not being visible for example. In my opinion, this makes the movie better. As I said above, the movie is about the butterflies and fancifulness, if that’s even a word of falling in love.

They each have to make massive changes to their lives and have a little luck in trying to get together. Unlike most movies, it doesn’t all just fall into place. This is one of the things that I love about this movie. Real love often has obstacles, and that is demonstrated very well here.

The wardrobe and sets are amazing and much like other classics, they are a character in the movie. They make you well aware that vacations like this don’t exist anymore.

The supporting cast is awesome,  you will remember several of the characters. I once asked a woman if she would consider marrying me after only knowing her for a short time. Movies like this remind me why I have taken chances for love in my life.

There’s a lot of negativity going on in the world today. If you need to get away from it and take an adventure that will make you feel good about life, I  recommend An Affair to Remember. Just be aware that a box of tissues might be required. 🙂

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