Are you ready to get creative? PRIMtionary – Tomorrow at 5pm Pacific!


WHAT:  PRIMtionary Game Night

WHEN:  Every 3rd Sunday of the Month at 5pm Pacific / 8pm Eastern

IMPORTANT NOTE:  If you don’t like to laugh…this event is not for you.


Very similar to the popular Pictionary game, only with 3D primitive objects. The builder draws a random word from the pack. Using 3D primitives and colors only (no textures), they build a representation of the word while their team guesses the answer. How creative and imaginative can you be?  That question applies to both the brave souls doing the 3D prim building AND those doing the guessing.

If you are new to building in virtual worlds and have no idea how to get started, come join the fun anyway!  Take advantage of the mentors at the event and ask whatever questions you need to get started.  Before long you will be INSPIRED to move from the guessing side of the table to the building side.

WHERE:  Inspiration Island on OpenSim.Life
Hypergrid Address: Island

Not sure how to join us?  
How to Get a Virtual World Account 

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