Sonya Jevette WebCam Stream in 3DWebWorldz Saturday 11-10-18 @ 4PM PST

WHO: Sonya Jevette
Web Address

WHEN: Saturday 11/10/18, 4PM PM Pacific Time.



Last month was so much fun that Sonya is back exclusively in 3D Web Worldz and we are excited to have her back. She sounds and looks great. This is a new way to experience entertainment that is easily accessible for everybody. We cannot wait to see you.

Join us in your web browser: (Google Chrome recommended)  (LogIn as Guest or User and teleport to The Blue House Of Jazz)


About Sonya
Sonya Jevette combines her rich, passionate voice and her gut-wrenching lyrics with classical, Latin and jazz style guitar. This configuration produces a style that can only be described as unique.

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