Sonya Jevette WebCam Stream in 3DWebWorldz @ 4PM PST

WHO: Sonya Jevette
Web Address

WHEN: Saturday 02/09/19, 4PM PM Pacific Time.


It’s almost showtime and she is ready to bring you a rare blend of Blues and Soul. We hope you will join us. If you have never been to a concert in 3DWebWorldz,(a virtual world in a web browser) it’s a lot of fun. You can log in as a guest, but it only takes a couple minutes to register and gain access to all the tools. You won’t regret it.




Join us in your web browser: (Google Chrome recommended)  (LogIn as Guest or User and teleport to The Blue House Of Jazz)


About Sonya
Sonya Jevette combines her rich, passionate voice and her gut-wrenching lyrics with classical, Latin and jazz style guitar. This configuration produces a style that can only be described as unique.

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