DJ Blight Friday @ 6PMPDT

HG Address: Island

 DJ Blight

WHEN: Friday 5/24/19

 TIME: 6:00 PM Pacific Time.

WHERE:   Inspiration Island, Xanadu

DRESS:   Casual, Cover your bits


We have created a monster. DJ Blight is taking over the airwaves once again. Two hours of music with some great people We never know what’s going to happen when we let him out, but it’s always fun.

Looking for something to do tonight, Friday 7/6/18?

Live online concert by the amazing James Olmos at 7pm PDT- (teleport to the warehouse, or – no avatar). All right in your web browser.

Or join us on Inspiration Island – Island

Three different ways to participate,so pick the one that works for you — Chatroom combines all audience viewers.

Friday Music on OpenSim.Life – Change of Plans for 6/22/18

Hey everyone! Unfortunately Tamra Hayden is unable to make it tonight, but don’t fret..the party will go on as planned!

Our very own BILL BLIGHT will be DJing at THE BUNKER. Come join us for an evening of fun and laughter…just watch out for those sharks, they sneak up on you. Don’t know what I mean? Come to The Bunker and find out!

DATE: 6/22/18, Friday
PLACE: The Bunker on
LIMO: Bunker

Afterwards we will play Greedy at the Beers and Cheers party. Heck the entire evening will be a Beers and Cheers party, so don’t make us tell you about the fun tomorrow..JOIN US!


Inspiration Island News

The Grid is Down for System Maintenance and Rebuild.

We will be back in operation soon.
See you then!

Come for great music by James Olmos On Friday night at 7pm PST. Then stay for Beers and Cheers and a game of 2 of Greedy.

LIMO: Island

Inspiration Island – Weekend Events

JOIN US: Island

Weekends at Inspiration Island are always a GREAT TIME. Every Friday night at 7pm Pacific we have a live performer somewhere on the Island or sponsored by the island but somewhere else on the grid (there’s a lot of great places we want to share with you!).

This Friday we are honored to have James Olmos grace our stage at THE WAREHOUSE with his magic fingers on the guitar and mesmerizing voice. James is a true artist that will captivate you with his unique interpretation of cover tunes along with original songs.

After the show the AFTER-PARTY consists of lots of laughter around the GREEDY table at the weekly Beers ‘N Cheers.  A fantastic evening of fun with friends.

On Sunday Night at 5pm Pacific, we gather with friends and family at the super cool DRIVE-IN for a classic movie with hilarious commentary on what we like and don’t like.  This week’s movie is Casablanca.

JOIN US, we can only promise you a good time.

Hypergrid Address: Island

Once you arrive, click the appropriate picture on the teleport board or use your radar to hit one of us up for a limo ride.  See you there!

XOXO SingerGirl

PRIMtionary Canceled tonight.

Sorry for the late notice everyone!  PRIMtionary is canceled for Island maintenance tonight, 12/17 5pm.

Party is just getting started! Join us Island –Sunday, 11/26 5-6pm Pacific Time

DISCO Roller Skating Party! SingerGirl at Xanadu

WHO: SingerGirl & SSKs

WHEN: Sunday, October 22, 2017

TIME: 5pm Pacific / 8pm Eastern

WHERE: Inspiration Island – Xanadu Club & Roller Rink Island

Inspiration Island welcomes the HG Safari Today at 1:30 Grid Time

Looking forward to all the fun festivities planned for the HG Safari.  Hope you can join us.  The fun starts at 1:30 grid time.

Wednesday, 10-18-17, 1:30 pacific/4:30 eastern Island.