Sandy Isles – Some of our Neighbors on OpenSim.Life

Inspiration Island finds itself lucky to be part of the OpenSim.Life grid ( Island). There are so many reasons…wonderful people, excellent tech support, fun events and also GREAT NEIGHBORS. Check out The following link where Neighbor Leighton Marjoram (who has 16 regions himself) takes a guided tour of Sandy Isles ( Isles).

Evie Marie on Patreon


Hi Friends!

It was suggested to me that many of the projects with which I am involved could be handled under a non-profit. Because I am not interested in hiring a staff again, this isn’t likely. Another friend suggested I put everything up on Patreon to see if there were others out there that might want to support some of our good causes. Thank you for taking the time to check it out and referring those that might be interested!

Just started it yesterday evening. Thanks for comments and input! Would love to get some of these educational and inspirational projects to completion!


Evie Marie


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