Jacked Up Jamie – Motivational Center

Life is hard and we’ve all got issues. The question is, how would you deal with yours? From the mind of a man on wheels, come  be entertained, motivated and inspired to be the best person you can be. We can’t solve all your problems, but we will give you the tools and motivation you need, to take control and live life to its fullest.

Check it out for yourself: 

  1. COPY THIS LINK: hop://grid.kitely.com:8002/Inspiration Island/815/519/28
  2. Open Firestorm or your Chosen Virtual World Viewer and PASTE this link in the START AT box.
  3. Login and Voila!  See you there.

If you are already logged in, paste the link in your viewer browser bar.

If you have never entered a virtual world, it’s easy to get started: How to Get Started in Kitely and Virtual Worlds