Primtionary Tomorrow @ 5PM PST builders welcome

WHEN: Sunday 11/19/17, 5:00 PM Pacific Time.
WHERE:  TV Studio on Inspiration Island
HYPERGRID Address: Island
DRESS:  Casual.  Come as you are, but cover your bits!

All skill levels are welcome. No judgment. This is all about meeting people and having fun.

Soccer night shenanigans 11-12-17


WHEN:  Second  Sunday each month  5PM PST
HG Address: Stadium
WHERE: The Stadium on OpenSim Life Grid
WHAT: Virtual Soccer

Last night’s soccer match was a rousing success. We don’t think we have any professional virtual athletes in our midst but we laughed a lot.

We hope you will come and join us next month. We do this every month on the second Sunday at 5PM Pacific Standard Time. Who knows, you might be OSL’s  next great Soccer Star

Inspiration Island Welcomes Foodies Diner – If you like FOOD, listen up!

Foodies Diner is all about learning new things…about FOOD.  Trying new recipes, learning new cooking techniques and you can do it all with friends.  That’s right, take your virtual world friends to your real world kitchen.  Grand opening to be announced soon.  Be prepared to get a choice of recipes on “Try It Tuesday” – get your ingredients together, then cook it and eat it with friends around the world on the date announced.  Everyone give a warm welcome to Cori Parkin, Foodies Diner Proprietor!

Inspiration Island Outpost – What is a Virtual World?

We are quite excited to announce that Inspiration Island Virtual World now has an outpost on the 3D Walk-In-Website,  If you have been watching the fun we are having and want to join us….there are now step-by-step instructions in a 3D environment.  Once you arrive, click the EDUCATION button on the teleport directory and choose the Inspiration Island Outpost option.  Learn all about virtual worlds and the amazing things you can do….but learn about it right in your browser. See you there!

Come See our New Blue House of Jazz Venue & Gathering Place

Many thanks to Bill Blight and TerriTam for their help in creating this unique and amazing environment.  Join us for live jazz and blues entertainment or meet up with friends and enjoy the vibe and constant Jazz Music Stream.


Hypergrid Enabled Avatars Use this Address: Island

Not sure what any of that means?  Learn how to join us here: Instructions to Join Us on Inspiration Island – Opensim.Life

Drive-In Movie Review and Critique Tonight at 5pm Pacific

Tonight’s move is the original True Grit with John Wayne.  See you there!

Are you ready to get creative? PRIMtionary – Tomorrow at 5pm Pacific!


WHAT:  PRIMtionary Game Night

WHEN:  Every 3rd Sunday of the Month at 5pm Pacific / 8pm Eastern

IMPORTANT NOTE:  If you don’t like to laugh…this event is not for you.


Very similar to the popular Pictionary game, only with 3D primitive objects. The builder draws a random word from the pack. Using 3D primitives and colors only (no textures), they build a representation of the word while their team guesses the answer. How creative and imaginative can you be?  That question applies to both the brave souls doing the 3D prim building AND those doing the guessing.

If you are new to building in virtual worlds and have no idea how to get started, come join the fun anyway!  Take advantage of the mentors at the event and ask whatever questions you need to get started.  Before long you will be INSPIRED to move from the guessing side of the table to the building side.

WHERE:  Inspiration Island on OpenSim.Life
Hypergrid Address: Island

Not sure how to join us?  
How to Get a Virtual World Account