There's always something going on at Inspiration Island on OpenSim.Life so come on by.  We have regular weekly events and would love to see you join the fun. Make sure you sign up for our blog and follow us on social media.  We also plan fun special events throughout the month -- you won't want to miss them.

SPECIAL EVENT - SATURDAY 12/16/17 (3:00-6:00 pm Pacific Time)
OSL BIRTHDAY BASH - Happy One Year OSL Grid!

3:00 pm : SingerGirl Live | 4:00 pm:  Effinjay Live | 5:00 pm : Social, Friend and Family Hour with DJ's Bill Blights Birthday Party Too!  Come celebrate.

TUESDAY NIGHTS (4:00-6:00 pm Pacific Time)

Calling all writers and artists.  We know it is hard to set time aside to work on your craft, so we started a club with a regular meeting time.

Join with us in the LIBRARY LOFT every Tuesday night.  If you are a writer, work on your next chapter.  If you are an artist, work on your next masterpiece!  Voice conversation may ensue, so writers that want peace and quiet can turn off their Voice Volume in their media settings for a true library experience.  When you want an opinion about something or hit a roadblock, turn your voice controls back on and join the conversation for some inspiration!

Note to Writers:  At 7pm we hop over to Nara's Nook for a writer workshop where we share chapters and provide feedback to each other.  Join us!



7:00 pm Pacific - LIVE MUSIC
8:00 pm Beers, Cheers & Games
(starting December 1st, 2017 -- Island)

1st Friday of the Month:  James Acoustic (The Warehouse)
2nd Friday:  Date Night with SingerGirl (Blue House of Jazz)
3rd Friday:  Effinjay, Frogg and Jay (The Warehouse) -- No Show 12/15/17 (See Special Event Above!)
4th Friday:  Tamra Hayden (Blue House of Jazz)
5th Friday:  TBA



Sunday #1

Friends & Family Classic Movie Review Night

Here at Inspiration Island, we study art of all kinds. Join us for a Family and Friends Movie Review, Critique and Commentary Night at the Drive-In!

Sometimes we show classics that have been remade. Follow our events so you can prepare yourself by watching the remake/reboot beforehand...then we compare and provide commentary on which we liked better and why. Island

Sunday #2


On the Second Sunday we explore all the fun that OpenSim.Life has to offer. With an excellent physics engine and a brilliant builder/scripter like Bill Blight...anything is possible. Some options include: Soccer, JetSkis, Racing Boats, Dune Buggies, Sea Planes and so much more. Join us for some hysterical moments and all around good time. December 2017 = JetSki Races!!! Ski Track January 2018 = TBA

Sunday #3

Primtionary / Building Games

An evening full of laughter as players are given a random object to create in 3D fashion. Building experts will be there to help you learn additional building bring your questions and your good spirit. Held in the Inspiration Station on the West Side of Inspiration Island. Island

Sunday #4

Foodies Diner - Real Food with Virtual Friends

Foodies Diner will open in January 2018 -- get those taste buds ready!

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