Tuesday Nights is Make Time for Dreams Night

grid.opensim.life:8002:Inspiration Island

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Halloween Party on Inspiration Island Tonight!


Come join us for a fun night on Inspiration Island in our new Warehouse Game Room and Music Venue!

Tonight you can take your pick (by adjusting your music and media controls):

>>  Dance to tunes by DJ Bill Blight

>>  Watch the movie on one of the many media screens

>>  Play Games with or without Live Voice activated (Greedy, Yahtzee and More!).

As always, we promise nothing but a lot of laughter and good time with friends and your virtual world family.

Festivities start at 5pm Pacific/Grid Time  (8pm Eastern).

If you don’t yet have a Hypergrid Ready Avatar you can sign up for one here.  Need help?  Give us a shout.

Join us for a FUN  EVENING with FRIENDS!

HGaddress:   grid.opensim.life:8002:Inspiration Island



Are you ready to get creative? PRIMtionary – Tomorrow at 5pm Pacific!


WHAT:  PRIMtionary Game Night

WHEN:  Every 3rd Sunday of the Month at 5pm Pacific / 8pm Eastern

IMPORTANT NOTE:  If you don’t like to laugh…this event is not for you.


Very similar to the popular Pictionary game, only with 3D primitive objects. The builder draws a random word from the pack. Using 3D primitives and colors only (no textures), they build a representation of the word while their team guesses the answer. How creative and imaginative can you be?  That question applies to both the brave souls doing the 3D prim building AND those doing the guessing.

If you are new to building in virtual worlds and have no idea how to get started, come join the fun anyway!  Take advantage of the mentors at the event and ask whatever questions you need to get started.  Before long you will be INSPIRED to move from the guessing side of the table to the building side.

WHERE:  Inspiration Island on OpenSim.Life
Hypergrid Address:  grid.opensim.life:8002:Inspiration Island

Not sure how to join us?  
How to Get a Virtual World Account 

Movie Tonight on Inspiration Island at 5pm PDT

When:  Sunday, October 1, 2017
Time:  5pm PDT/ 8pm EDT
What:  Movie Review, Doctor Doolittle (Original 1967)
Where: OpenSim.Life Virtual World (grid.opensim.life:8002:Inspiration Island
NOTE:  Showing is for review, critique, and educational purposes only. You must join the Free Family and Friends Movie Review Group at the Drive-In Entrance.Not sure how to join us? LEARN HOW HERE


Here at Inspiration Island, we study art of all kinds. Join us for a Family and Friends Movie Review Night at the Drive-In!

Sometimes we show classics that have been remade. Follow our events so you can prepare yourself by watching the remake/reboot beforehand…then we compare and provide commentary on which we liked better and why. Music Theater Classics are also a great favorite, a valuable study tool for our music students and great fun for everyone as opinions are shared!

Showings are for review, critique, and educational purposes only.

Tonight is the Night! 5pm PDT/8pm EDT – JOIN US!

JOIN US for an Inspiration 80’s Flashback Show – New Songs, Surprises and More!
Need help getting there? http://Inspiration-Island.com — Follow Avatar Registration.  Only takes five minutes and it is free!
Have a hypergrid avatar?  grid.opensim.life:8002/Inspiration Island.

Fun Writing Exercises on Inspiration Island, Kitely

Whether you want to be a writer or not, improving your writing skills is always a good thing.  Check out the library at Inspiration Island and work your way through the writing exercise tables.  It is a FUN and EASY way to get yourself putting words on paper.


Check it out for yourself: 

  1. COPY THIS LINK: hop://grid.kitely.com:8002/Inspiration Island/950/329/42
  2. Open Firestorm or your Chosen Virtual World Viewer and PASTE this link in the START AT box.
  3. Login and Voila!  See you there.

If you are already logged in, paste the link in your viewer browser bar.

If you have never entered a virtual world, it’s easy to get started: How to Get Started in Kitely and Virtual Worlds

Don’t forget to wear your hard hat, we are still under construction in some areas!

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Improve your Typing Skills on Inspiration Island – Kitely


Today’s progress on construction at Inspiration Island on Kitely Virtual World.
Learn more about our purpose here.

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Inspiration Island on Kitely – Construction Progress


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Inspiration Island – Welcome Transport Station


We are making progress on Inspiration Island!  Very easy to check out what we have done.  Once you land at the welcome center, take a hike or walk through a doorway for instant transport! Join our group to keep up to date with our progress!

Visit us: hop://grid.kitely.com:8002/Inspiration%20Island/230/27/22

Learn more:  Inspiration-Island.com

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New Balance Your Life Self-Help Station – Inspiration Island on Kitely Grid




We are still under construction; but put on your hard hat, come explore Inspiration Island and check out our progress.

ISLAND LIMO LINK:   hop://grid.kitely.com:8002/Inspiration%20Island/230/27/22
To learn how to join us, click here.

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