About Us

Among many things, Inspiration Island is a place to think outside the box: based on The M.E.A.L. Project™.

The M.E.A.L. Project™ is a start-up concept conceived by Yvonne DeBandi (aka SingerGirl and Artist Evie Marie) and Jamie Jordan, with specific goals of assisting home-bound, unemployed, disabled and elderly individuals as well as providing world-wide affordable performing arts and music education. Using innovative measures such as virtual world campuses, Skype classes and interactive online curricula the M.E.A.L. Project offers opportunities to raise self-esteem, advance specific skillsets, discover personal strengths and sometimes, most importantly of all, convene with other people in similar situations. All of this done from their personal circumstance of home confinement.

M.E.A.L. = Motivation – Education – Action with Artistic Expression – Live and Laugh.

If every day you can get excited (Motivation) to learn something new (Education), apply it to your life performance with a personal spin (Action with Artistic Expression), and you enjoy it (Live and Laugh)…basically feeding your head and heart on a daily basis,,,  you can enjoy the journey of becoming the BEST YOU, you can be; no matter what your personal circumstance.

The M.E.A.L. Project: Feeding your Head and Heart Daily™.

Founders Jamie Jordan and Yvonne DeBandi are no strangers to working from home or the creative innovation sometimes required: Jamie Jordan, confined to a wheelchair with Cerebral Palsy and working from home since his college graduation in 2006; and Yvonne DeBandi, self-employed since 1995 due to health and other circumstances.  Together they have come up with a multi-phase project growth plan that will assist others in similar predicaments. Phase One commenced February 2016 with an expected completion date August 2016.

With so many individuals out of work on disability, rising autism rate, wounded warriors, etc., the opportunities for home and self-employment are needed now more than ever.  Sometimes all it takes is a rise in self-esteem, sometimes they need to learn a few more computer skills, sometimes they need someone to help create a business plan for that crazy unique idea and sometimes they just need to hear they aren’t alone in their challenge. Whatever the balanced combination needed, the M.E.A.L. Project is dedicated to providing the emotional support and tools needed for the individual’s journey of self-discovery.

Co-Founder Yvonne DeBandi, honors graduate from the Florida State School of Music, has an extensive background inPerforming Arts and Music Education, with curricula programs already used for vocal education by self-study individuals, in training studios and schools around the world. Educating, preserving, promoting and providing performance activities in all areas of the arts are part of the The M.E.A.L. Project Self-Esteem and Personal Improvement Program.  This program is also available for schools (classes or individual students) whose budget cuts destroyed their performing arts and music departments. This is just one of the many planned programs scheduled for The M.E.A.L. Project.


  • Inspiration Island – The M.E.A.L. Project Virtual Home Base & Welcome Center
  • Virtual World Survival Guide – Level 01
  • JJ Motivational Center
  • Autumn Zen Park and Motivational Area
  • A2Z SingSmart Music Academy – Level 01
  • Scavenger Trivia
  • Monthly Live Music Event
  • Initiate Class Schedule


The first challenge is getting people acclimated to the technology used.  It is not that difficult, but can seem foreign to many.  To combat this challenge, the first training tool provided is The Virtual World Survival GuideTM. This step-by-step guide gets the individual to our training campus on Kitely, teaches them what they need to know to operate their fully-abled avatar body.

Inspiration Island, JJ Motivational Center and the Autumn Zen Park provide many opportunities for meditation, reflection and stress relief. We included the initial build and structure of the Motivational and Zen Center in Phase One because we know that believing you can accomplish anything you put your mind to, is the first step.


The M.E.A.L. Project opportunities are self-help with teacher, peer and community guidance.  Initiative to find field experts to join the team and share their knowledge, as well as connect with leaders of published training tools and programs to network resources, adding a minimum of three complete training systems per year has already begun.  Ideas on the production table for 2017:  Web Site Training, Photo Shop Instruction and Classes, Making Product to Sell on the Internet, Art Instruction and Classes, E-Book Writing Instruction and Classes.

Once personal goals are decided upon, with each visit to the Kitely campus, they work from their M.E.A.L. Ticket (Personal Goals and Strategy Planning).  Future M.E.A.L. Project Development Plans include a database program that helps the user keep track of their goals and progress.

Weekly Discussion and Action Groups moderated by the M.E.A.L. Project Staff.  While some groups will be designed to bring like-minded people together, others will be to help those in unique situations to think outside the box when it comes to their life options.

Time-frame for completion of this business machine model depends on funding received. Provide your support here.

SPECIAL THANKS to Selby “Thinkerer Melville” Evans and TerriTam.  Without their assistance, idea contributions and support, this endeavor would be light years behind in progress.

Both Jamie and Evie work from home and are donating their time and money to build these educational and home-based career opportunities.  If you would like to help, your support is greatly appreciated and will be put towards the above outlined goals.

Finally, if you have looked around this website you know that there is lots to see at Inspiration Island, along with live music events.  We hope to see you there soon!

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