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Inspiration Island is a unique place.  With live music venues and educational projects, there is always something new to do or see!

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If you already have an avatar and account on Kitely or somewhere on the Hypergrid


M.E.A.L. Project - Learn More


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There’s lots to do on Inspiration Island. Come check it out!

  • Inspiration Island Welcome Landing
    Inspiration Island Welcome Landing
    Easily teleport to anywhere on the island!
  • Virtual World Survival Trail and Guide
    Virtual World Survival Trail and Guide
    Learn everything you ever wanted to know about virtual worlds. Just getting started? We make it easy!
  • Freebie Tower & Plant Nursery
    Freebie Tower & Plant Nursery
    Floors and floors of free stuff for your avatar and virtual world life.
  • The Watering Hole
    The Watering Hole
    Country Music Venue and Water Fun Park.
  • Get Inspired with JJ
    Get Inspired with JJ
    Inspirations, Motivations and Comedy
  • Freaky Tiki Sandbar
    Freaky Tiki Sandbar
    FUN FUN FUN. Lots of things to do and a great place for a party!
  • Jazz & Blues Coffee House Bar
    Jazz & Blues Coffee House Bar
    Great vibe and ambiance in this cozy venue.
  • A2Z SingSmart Music Academy
    A2Z SingSmart Music Academy
    Learn how to sing from A2Z.
  • Winter Wonderland
    Winter Wonderland
    Take a beautiful walk, but bring a sweater!
  • Ice Skating
    Ice Skating
    Free skates and animations in Winter Wonderland
  • Sleigh Ride
    Sleigh Ride
    Take a minute for yourself and meditate in the beautiful ice dome.
  • Just Dance Disco & Media Center
    Just Dance Disco & Media Center
    This place is far out with lots of unique options.
  • Autumn Zen Park
    Autumn Zen Park
    Find your zen in this beautiful park with swings and horse carriage ride.
  • Meadow Walk
    Meadow Walk
    A beautiful walk with interesting stops that make you think!
  • M.E.A.L. Project Headquarters
    M.E.A.L. Project Headquarters
    Get inspired to learn something new every day with the MEAL Project.
  • Improve your Typing Skills
    Improve your Typing Skills
    at M.E.A.L. Project Headquarters
  • Library
    Fun writing exercises to improve your skills in the HQ Basement.
  • Believe in Your Selfie
    Believe in Your Selfie
    Free photo studio with user controls.
  • Art Gallery & Classes
    Art Gallery & Classes
    Original Art Work and Art Classes
  • Apothecary
    Learn to use Natural Remedies. Coming soon.

Learn How to Join a Virtual World ... and Everything Else You Need to Know!

The Virtual World Survival Guide (VWSG) and the corresponding Virtual World Survival Trail (VWST) on Inspiration Island provide a series of fun, interactive lessons. These lessons are easy-to-understand and will help you get the MOST out of your virtual life experience.

This FUN educational series begins with the absolute basics like walking and running, and continues through advanced topics.

Get Started Now

Virtual World Survival Guide - How to Get Started in Virtual Worlds

Learn EVERY LITTLE THING or skip around to what interests you!

Virtual World Survival Guide - Table of Contents

Inspiration Island - A Virtual World, Arts Education Project

WELCOME to our corner of the world where we focus on not only providing educational opportunities to everyone around the world, we also make learning fun with a 3D interactive environment! Learn more about us and our mission here.

Admission to our island is absolutely free and we encourage you to investigate every corner of it because there are a lot of surprises to encounter along the way. We are also constantly growing and adding, with some exciting projects planned for the future.  Be sure to landmark us so you can come back and check it out often, better yet, feel free to call us your home. (Not sure what we mean by "landmark" or "home"? Check out the VWSG.)

Special thanks to our primary sponsor, the A2Z Smart Group. If you would like to help us bring music, arts and other educational programs to the world, you can  support us with your kind donations here.

Special thanks to Selby "Thinkerer" Evans for his creative challenges and brilliant mentorship.

Come get inspired with us!

Evie Marie - aka SingerGirl XOXOXO
SingerGirl Mode in SecondLife

Jamie Jordan
TerriTam H (Island Manager)